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Plant Science - Irrigation Management (temp-to-hire)

Morning Star

Morning Star

Merced, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, February 9, 2024

The Morning Star Company

Legal/Corporate Secretary - Administration

The Company

The Morning Star Company and its affiliates operate three tomato processing facilities in Central California, processing over 1/3 of the California processing tomato crop, in addition to tomato transplanting, farming, harvesting and trucking operations. The company employs over 500 year-round and approximately 4,000 seasonal Colleagues.

The Morning Star Company is the largest independent producer of bulk tomato ingredient products (tomato paste and diced tomatoes) in the world. We also produce canned tomatoes, tomato products and specialty sauces in pouches for customers in the retail and food service markets. The company is known worldwide for its innovation and integrity.

We are organizationally structured through a system we term Mission Focused Self-Management™. Our company is operated by Colleagues without titles or an appointed hierarchy of authority. Authority relative to other Colleagues’ activities is lateral, with our Mission as our guiding principle of action, and respect, influence and success built based on each Colleague’s integrity, competency, effort, persistence and straightforward persuasiveness. Although we have grown significantly, we intend to maintain a culture of individual responsibility and Mission Focused Self-Management™.

The Mission and Position

This colleague’s Mission will be to ensure that all company contractual commitments are tracked, monitored and met.

Specific Responsibilities and Activities

  • Organize, maintain, and track material, internal and external, legal commitments in conjunction with appropriate colleagues.
  • Organize contracts, particular legal and regulatory documents, and company legal documents (Secretary of State forms, minutes, resolutions, etc.).
  • Board Meetings: Plan and execute all Board of Director meetings and committee meetings. Manages all aspects of meeting logistics: drafting and distributing agendas; inviting the appropriate attendees; working with Colleagues to develop and distribute meeting materials. Determine the appropriate course of action, referral or response on all deliverables.
  • Record Keeping: Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and its committee and record and disseminate the minutes for such meetings. Retain and organize all of the corporation's significant documents as well as records. Respond to internal and external requests for documents and information.
  • Organize, maintain, and track internal colleague commitments.
  • Establish internal and external relationships to maintain personal awareness of commitments and key dates, and notify other colleagues of such and track their timely execution.
  • In addition to notification, “encourage” others to see that the commitments are kept. Use tact where productive, but persist using all available means, within the bounds of civil principles and Human Respect, to accomplish your mission.

The successful candidate would likely have a meaningful education in Mission related disciplines, be familiar with legal documents, understand business entity legal structure, have competent computer and software skills and have reasonable experience in commercial organizations—or be smart and intent enough to quickly learn. Additional key personal characteristics will be impeccable integrity, conscientiousness, decisiveness and self-confidence. We desire an individual willing to engage other colleagues to get things done. This individual must be willing and able to take initiative to accomplish their mission by gaining the support and help of others through intelligent persuasion and persistence.


This position is for a person who enjoys working on a peer level with talented and committed colleagues, who has the self-confidence to pursue their convictions and work independently. Salary expected to be from $65,000 to 95,000, or other DOQ.

Morning Star offers a top-tier, comprehensive health plan, including medical, dental, and vision, and pays the full monthly premium for both the Colleague and all eligible family members. The company also contributes to Colleagues' Health Savings Accounts. Year-round Colleagues are eligible to enroll in our 401K plan, with 4% match.