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Mindera UK Foundation Trustee



Leicester, UK
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024

We are seeking a trustee to join the board of trustees for the Mindera UK Foundation on a voluntary basis. Board meetings take place at the Mindera office in Leicester (LE1 1RE), or may be held virtually, where required. Four board meetings annually, additional sub-committee meetings, attendance at notable events as required, and reviewing reports and documents between meetings.

Overall purpose of the role:

The Trustees, acting together, govern the charity, safeguarding its assets and applying them as efficiently and effectively as possible to further the charity’s objectives.

In order to carry out your duties as a Trustee, you will be required to:

• Act in the best interests of the present and future beneficiaries, setting aside any other interests you may have.

• Attend the Trustee Board meetings and any sub-committee meetings.

• Devote the necessary time and effort to developing a good understanding of the Mindera Foundation and its activities, reading papers, and undertaking other preparatory work.

General Responsibilities:

• Ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document.

• Ensure that all the charity’s activities are within its objects and within the law and relevant regulations.

• Safeguard the charity’s ethos, its good name, and the values of the organisation.

• Work with our Charity Leader and leadership team to develop strategic goals and objectives, agree on those goals and objectives, and assess whether the management’s strategy to achieve the goals and objectives is reasonable in relation to the risks involved, the resources required, and the benefits to be achieved.

• Monitor the charity’s progress towards the achievement of its strategic goals and objectives and monitor the impact of its activities on its beneficiaries.

• Define the parameters on which the budget will be based, agree on the budget, and monitor financial performance.

• Ensure that management has implemented an effective risk identification and management process.

• Ensure that management has implemented effective internal control systems and management information systems.

• As and when necessary, appoint a Charity Leader, support him or her, agree on their performance goals, monitor their performance against the specified goals, and agree on their remuneration package.

• Establish and, as necessary, review a clear framework of delegation to committees and the Charity Leader, monitor compliance with that framework, and hold Committees and the Charity Leader accountable for the authority that has been delegated to them.

• Be accountable to stakeholders for the way in which you have discharged your responsibilities as a Trustee board.

• Represent the Board’s position when speaking publicly.

• Assist with the recruitment of new Trustees.

• Review the Board’s own performance periodically and build an effective team spirit across Trustees and management.

• Identify with, and be motivated by, the values and objectives of the Mindera Foundation.

• Enthuse the wider business with what the Mindera Foundation is about.

• Contribute effectively within a talented Board.

For more information on the role and responsibilities of trustees, see the Charity Commission Guidance: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/charity-trustee-whats-involved