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Curso Chat GPT (Generative AI: From Theory to Practice) - EN Edition



Software Engineering, Data Science
Porto, Portugal
Posted on Monday, March 11, 2024

Generative Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we create, communicate and work in virtually every domain. Powerful tools and models are emerging that allow anyone to generate human-like text, photorealistic images, computer code, and more with just a few prompts. This cutting-edge technology is opening up new realms of creativity, productivity and problem-solving capabilities.

The course covers a wide range of real-world applications across multiple industries, showing how generative AI is revolutionizing areas such as content creation, education, business operations, software development, art/design and scientific research.

At the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the current state of generative AI, along with highly applicable skills for creativity, innovation and future-proofing your career. Join us to harness this transformative technological wave and unlock its generative potential!

1. Free Session - Introduction to Generative AI (1 hour)

- A look at how generative AI has evolved over time, from the earliest models to the most advanced, and what transformative applications have emerged as a result, standing out in fields such as creation of digital art, production of documents and advances in scientific and technological development.

Generative AI Overview

History and evolution of generative AI models

GPT, BERT, Stable Diffusion, etc.

Applications of generative AI in different domains

Education and content creationBusiness and productivityArt and designSoftware creation

2. Generative AI Tools - Text (1.5 hours)

AI text generation

The various models availablePrompt engineering techniquesUse model vision capabilities

Documentation analysis

3. Generative AI Tools - Image (1.5 hours)

AI imaging

Midjourney and RunwayTechniques and tips

4. Generative AI applications for non-programmers (1.5 hours)

Code generation with Github Copilot

Construction of automation flows

StackAIVectorShiftMicrosoft Power Automate