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Python WarmUp | Course



Software Engineering
Porto, Portugal
Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023
Course Overview:

This course teaches basic Python programming skills to students with no prior coding experience. The focus is on key concepts like variables, data structures, functions, conditionals/loops, input/output, and modules. Students will learn by doing hands-on exercises and build their skills through practical examples and projects. Each unit includes hands-on examples and exercises. The final project gives students a chance to apply what they have learned. This syllabus covers Python basics while keeping the course duration manageable for beginners.

Course Outline:Unit 1 - Introduction (6 hours)
  • About Software
  • Setting up Python environment
  • Basic data types and operations
  • Print and input functions
Unit 2 - Variables and Data Structures (2 hours)
  • Variables for storing data
  • Strings, integer/floats, Booleans
  • Lists, tuples, dictionaries
Unit 3 - Control Flow (2 hours)
  • If/else conditional statements
  • For and while loops
  • Break, continue, pass
Unit 4 - Functions (4 hours)
  • Defining and calling functions
  • Function parameters and returns
  • Scope and namespaces
Unit 5 - Error Handling (2 hours)
  • Common errors and exceptions
  • Try/except for handling errors
Unit 6 - File Handling (2 hours)
  • Reading and writing files
  • Opening, closing, appending files
Unit 7 - Modules (2 hours)
  • Importing modules
  • Exploring built-in modules
Unit 8 - Final Project (4 hours)
  • Putting concepts together
  • Text-based game or calculator

You should be passionate about technology, fairly comfortable with both written and spoken English, and have completed the minimum mandatory schooling.

You will have the opportunity to take a course within a tech company, learn from people with experience in the area and experience Mindera's unique culture.