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Other Engineering
Posted on Monday, April 15, 2024

We are looking for Architects who can

  • Provide technical expertise in Solution Architecture, Development and Technical Design decisions.
  • Assess customer business and technical requirements, define scope and provide estimates for solutions across numerous verticals and industries.
  • Validate proposed project scoping with internal stakeholders including project managers, technical leads, designers, strategists and project teams.
  • Able to communicate architectural decisions to a varied audience including business and technology stakeholders from the conceptual to the physical perspectives.
  • Able to recognize and balance functional and nonfunctional requirements to ensure the optimal solution for the end customer.
  • Evaluate and recommend Tools, Technologies, and Processes to ensure the highest quality product platform.
  • Work on the architecture, design, development, deployment and support of software projects using Java, AWS.
  • Work on AWS cloud platforms including automated provisioning and management of services.
  • Work on containers and a container orchestration platform, preferably Kubernetes.
  • Work on ORM specifications - Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate.
  • Absorb and incorporate new technologies/frameworks quickly.
  • Collaborate with peer organisations, quality assurance and end users to produce cutting-edge software solutions.
  • Troubleshoot code level problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Be team first mentality.
  • Be adaptable to changing project and technology requirements while being hands-on with project teams.

We work closely with

  • Java 8
  • REST-based Microservices
  • JPA,Hibernate
  • Relational Databases
  • SVG Libraries
  • Java AWT API
  • Apache XmpBox
  • Pdf box
  • Apache batiK
  • SVN, GIT
  • AWS
  • Kafka
  • Linux / Unix

Experience Needed :

  • At least 7 years of Java Experience
  • At least 7 years of RESTful APIs Experience
  • At least 7 years of UNIX Experience

Our Process

  • Schedule a 15 min Video Call with someone from our Team
  • 4 Proctored GQ Tests (< 2 hours)
  • 30-45 min Final Video Interview
  • Receive Job Offer

If you are interested in reaching out to us, please apply and our team will contact you by the end of the day.